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PerfectColl® is a Polish company that implements advanced biotechnology and bioelectronics achievements for beauty and health.

We combine the latest achievements in modern cosmetology with traditional, natural cosmetics ingredients.



We are building a direct sales organization
based on multi-level network marketing.

In this way we provide an earning opportunity to enterprising
and enthusiastic people, as well as to those professionals with
a difficult position in the labour market.

For us, no one is too young or too mature. Both 20+ and
50+ people are well suited for our organization.



The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park

The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia is developing an economy based on sound knowledge. It creates effective linkages between science and business, and stimulates innovative entrepreneurship in an open partnership environment.

The Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia stimulates economic development of the province of Pomerania and encourages cooperation between science and business. The functioning of the park contributes to the development of enterprises operating in innovative and creative industries.

The aim of PPNT Gdynia is to create and provide businesses with favourable conditions for the implementation of projects based on high technology, mainly in the fields of biotechnology, the environment, information technology, automation and robotics, and design.

Tasks implemented by PPNT Gdynia and in cooperation with foreign partners include monitoring the development trends of innovative industries, and respond to identified needs of companies developing and implementing cutting-edge design and technology.

The Pomeranian Park of Science and Technology Gdynia also serves all the people, as a place of inspiring meetings, workshops, lectures and film shows.

Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze

Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery them. Professor Zbigniew Religa since 1991, working on all possible methods of saving human life when the heart is at risk. Perfect Coll buying products supports the construction ARTIFICIAL HEART FOR CHILDREN.


The company Perfect Coll patron and care Cosmetic Polish National Team swimmers at the Olympics to Rio 2016.

Vice-President of the scientific committee Perfect Coll Agnieszka Ciszek carries unique on a global scale examination of the skin of swimmers.

Professional athletes every day (6-8h) are exposed to during their training to changing environmental conditions. In addition, their skin is constantly subjected to the harmful effects of chlorine.

The aim of the study is to analyze the impact of swimming pool water for pH, lubrication and skin TEWL (transepidermal water loss). The aim is to investigate the level of indirect protection of the skin during sports. The study surrendered Polish National Team swimmers and other affiliated with the Polish Association of swimming athletes.

Already now we can boast that collagen’s Perfect Coll does not depart from the protective properties of specialty chemical, damaging skin preparations (petroleum jelly, emollients, silicones), has long been used to care for people practicing competitive sports. Collagen’s Perfect Coll sensational protects the skin of swimmers. Additionally fantastically hydrates, nourishes and forms a protective layer on the skin. It is great news for athletes, but also for Partner Firms Perfect Coll. Summer is coming, so ochrońmy your skin in a natural and safe way.

Interviews with swimmers from the Polish National Team.

“After swimming I am firmly of dry skin. Often tweaks. So far I have not had time to cultivate it. Everything is planned, all the time we have completed activities related to swimming. I’ve never had so many cosmetics, as now, when they presented it to us, Perfect Coll. I am convinced that now I will be able to take better care of my skin. “

Kacper Majchrzak – Polish champion at the distance of 200 m freestyle

“After swimming in the pool I have dried skin all over his face. I use plain cream. But I can not spread it before swimming, because he is too fat. I learned that cosmetics Perfect Coll can also be used directly in front of swimming. It’s nice that I could try them out. “

 Anna Dowgiert – Polish record holder at the distance of 50 m butterfly style

“Drying of the skin can be seen on the face and legs, which after training I almost white from the dried skin. To the skin of the face is drawn. I am very curious effect that will bring the use of cosmetics Perfect Coll. “

Krzysztof Morawski – Summer Universiade finalist, medalist Polish

“The skin after swimming is terribly dry. On the face of even a little hurt. Cosmetics Perfect Coll I will use for sure. I’m sure that will help. “

Wojciech Wojdak – two-time finalist of the World Cup and European Championship

Perfect Coll Sp. z o.o. zrealizowało w 2019 roku Projekt dofinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego pod tytułem „EKSPANSJA JAPONII”. Celem projektu było nawiązanie nowych kontaktów biznesowych oraz zwiększenie eksportu na kraje azjatyckie. Cel projektu został osiągnięty.